Lonely Girl's World is the home world of Lonely Girl, Lonely Girl's parents, and Melody, among many others. Everything in this world is drawn using only four shades of blue, reminiscent of many 8-bit consoles. As explained by Zera towards the end of the game, this world is slowly collapsing in on itself, and it is implied that nothing is left of the world after day four. Zera believes that the world's collapse is being caused or accelerated by Yoki.

Despite it's collapse, a good amount of the world is still intact during day 1. The TV in Lonely Girl's living room is still able to receive an airing of one of Lonely Girl's favorite shows, and her radio is still able to receive a music broadcast. At the start of day two, however, the radio will only play a screeching kind of static and the TV will only show a single eye that stares at Lonely Girl.

Locations Edit


Lonely Girl's House Edit

Main article: Lonely Girl's House

Lonely Girl prefers to stay in her house as much as possible. Almost all of Escaped Chasm takes place here, except for Lonely Girl's dreams, the Good Ending, and the Bonus Room. Not much is shown of the area surrounding the house, but there is a small fenced-in yard with a stone pathway leading away from the front door.

Lonely Girl's School Edit


Lonely Girl at school during the first dream

While it can't be visited in-game, Lonely Girl will dream of her experiences at school between days one and two. Not much is visible in the dream other than a few other pairs of students and some lines that may depict grass.

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