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“Lonely Girl” has long black hair, round glasses, and a light blue coat or dress. Her main color scheme blends in with her house and Lonely Girl’s World. When she is transformed into her werewolf-demon form, she has cyan fur, yellow-orange hair, and an orange dress.

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Lonely Girl describes herself in the first day's diary entry as pathetic, cowardly, and alone. She is very shy; she will refuse to leave her house during the first two days, and, as shown in the day one dream, prefers drawing over talking to others at school.

In the Hidden Pages, her mother describes her as having always had low self esteem and being ashamed of herself, but having great potential to be what she wants to be.

Lonely Girl cares deeply about her parents and her pet snake, Melody.

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See: Escaped Chasm

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  • Her appearance is similar to that of Jade Harley, the fourth human in Homestuck. Moreover, both Lonely Girl and Jade show interest in anthropomorphic fauna.
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