Yoki is a character that repeatedly appears or is referenced in Escaped Chasm and other works by Temmie Chang.

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Yoki is tall and slender, and has cream skin with red eyes. She has long scarlet hair with a turquoise inside that falls over her face, usually covering one of her eyes. Two turquoise, rabbit-like ears stick out from the top of her head. Wrapped around her neck is a bright yellow striped scarf with pointed ends. She also has a long red tail that splits at its end. Her clothes include a cream sweater with yellow edges, black sleeves and pants, and black boots.

Personality Edit

While most of Yoki's personality is unknown, she often appears aloof and distant, usually maintaining the same expression.

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After going to sleep on the third day, Yoki appears in Lonely Girl's dream. She will turn towards her slowly. After Lonely Girl asks who she is, she will reveal two eyes on her ears before ending the dream.

On the final day, a Familiar Doll will appear in the kitchen that resembles Yoki. It is unknown if this doll is related to her besides in appearance.

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  • Yoki is a redesign of Yok from Temmie Chang's animation Dwellers of the Mountain's Forest Yok was originally created as a testing character, but was redesigned as Yoki, who has a more consistent story.[1]
  • In the game Deltarune by Toby Fox, a doll of Yok or Yoki can be found in the background of Seam's shop.
  • Whenever Yoki is mentioned indirectly, the word used to refer to her is written in yellow.

Examples (words written as yellow in game are shown in bold here):

"Please help her / Please... Help me" - Sei to Lonely Girl in the dream after day two
"who are you..?" - Lonely Girl to Yoki in the dream after day three
"Maybe one day she might realize and remember / The real reason she's drawn to her." - Movie in the Bonus Room

  • Temmie has had the character Yok, later Yoki, since she was 13 (2006/2007).[2]

References Edit

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